Seattle Public Schools Selects Inquiry By Design as Finalist for ELA Middle School Curriculum

March 8, 2024 — After an extensive review,  the 6-8 ELA Adoption Committee at Seattle Public Schools has selected Inquiry By Design as one of three final English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum providers to field test their materials for grades 6-8.

The field test allows Seattle Public Schools to evaluate the effectiveness of Inquiry By Design’s curriculum in real-world classroom settings. Select 6th, 7th, and 8th grade ELA teachers in Seattle Public Schools are currently field testing Introduction to Interpretive Work, a Inquiry By Design unit that leads students through two literary selections, introducing both comprehension and interpretive moves, small- and whole-class discussion practices, and writing patterns that continue throughout the year. Per their ELA Adoption Committee, teachers will “… review and make a recommendation for a high-quality, standards-aligned, culturally relevant, rigorous digital instructional materials for English Language Arts 6, 7, 8 courses that embodies the SPS 2019-24 Strategic Plan, Seattle Excellence.”

“We are honored to have been selected by Seattle Public Schools as a finalist,” said Nick Resnick, Chief Executive Officer at Inquiry By Design. “Their commitment to student success and diversity aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovative and inclusive literacy solutions.”

Seattle Public Schools, known for its commitment to excellence in education, believes it is their responsibility “to do whatever it takes to ensure that every child, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, language proficiency, learning style or disability, achieves to their highest level.” At Inquiry By Design, we also firmly believe that all students deserve equitable access to a rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum. Our units feature authors and texts that invite robust classroom conversation, support the intellectual work at hand, and expose students to worlds, voices, and experiences that they might otherwise not encounter.


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