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Using Student Exemplars: A Caution

Using student exemplars can be a highly effective method for writing instruction when used strategically, when employed with a specific lens, and when a cross section of work is provided. A common practice, however, is to use mostly, or only, exceptional papers as models. This can rebound in unexpected ways.

In a recent Education Week article, Todd Rogers of Harvard University notes that students are often not inspired by the exceptional work of their peers.

“One of the surprising, negative […]

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Transferring Great Ideas to Writing – Part 1

“My students have great thoughts and ideas in discussions but then they don’t successfully transfer that to their writing. It just ends up being a summary.”

I recently overheard this lament from a teacher, and it was immediately echoed and affirmed by his colleagues in the room. They had observed the same thing from their students.

I immediately had a couple thoughts and a question. I’ll share my thoughts today and save my question for next week:

My thoughts:

First, how GREAT that students’ […]

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