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The Impact of High-Stakes Tests on Instruction – Part 2

New assessments have arrived.

Both Common Core and non-Common Core states, for the most part, are in the midst of a standards revolution and are subsequently adopting new corresponding assessments. I’m sure you know this. It would be impossible to have missed the uproar.

In many cases the designers of these assessments have attempted to address more accurately the kinds of rigorous work that we want students to be doing daily in classrooms, versus the shallow, formulaic and multiple-choice questions of old. […]

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IBD-ize: Inquiry By Design Becomes a Verb

I was working with a group of teachers in Alameda Unified School District in California a few weeks ago. A district leader got up to welcome teachers and make a few announcements before we launched into our work for the day. Among the announcements she made was this item.

“… and on such-and-such a date we will have our IBD-izing planning day, so bring whatever texts and materials you’ll need for that.”

The teachers in the room all nodded and […]

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Improving Our Practice: A Case For Coaching (Part 3)

Teacher Interview

Cassandra Madewell is in her fourth year of teaching 9th grade English in Lewisville Independent School District near Dallas, Texas. Inquiry By Design has been working with LISD for the past three years, and, in addition to the pedagogical changes within the IBD curriculum, Cassandra and her teammates credit their instructional coach, Tammy Williams, with revolutionizing the instruction in their classrooms.

While Cassandra had never worked with an instructional coach before, she is an athlete, so she understands […]

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Student Work Studies: What Educators are Saying

During my many years as a classroom teacher I taught in primary through secondary grades and in public, private, and charter schools, and regardless of the type of school or grade level I was teaching a common pattern reoccurred. At the beginning of each school year I would attend a half day, or if lucky, one whole day of training in whatever new initiative, strategy or trend was “hot” in education, and then I would be handed a stack of […]

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