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Grounding in the Body Before Grounding in the Text

One of our most popular posts last year was Mindfulness and Interpretive Discussions, by IBD Professional Developer John Nolan. Along those same lines, we bring you this week’s post from another of our amazing Professional Developers, Bridget Evans.

I was recently in a fourth grade class co-facilitating a whole-group discussion about the main message in the book Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. Some students immediately began flipping through sticky notes where they had marked important quotes in the book. […]

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Mindfulness and Interpretive Discussions

by John Nolan

Last year, in considering classroom environment, I dug deeper into the concept of respect and the culture of restorative justice. Fortunately, I had a very helpful coach who had a lot of experience in building a greater culture of mindfulness and respect through practices related to restorative justice.

She explained that all humans have a need to be heard and respected. I agreed but knew that making it actually happen was quite challenging. She introduced me to the “restorative […]

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Mind-LESS or Mind-FUL?


by Dr. Yvette Nishikawa

With much more controversial matters of late hurtle-jumping to mainstream acceptance (equal marriage rights, the national healthcare initiative, and removal of the Confederate flag from government buildings) you might think the notion of promoting mindfulness in schools would be a shoo-in—a universal yes nod along school corridors and PTA meetings, topped off by a welcoming committee of greeters at the entrance to every school. OK, that might be taking it a bit too far, but the point […]

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