Krista Morrison

Best Resource for Literacy Coaches!

We would like to introduce you to one of the most comprehensive literacy coaching resources available online: The Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse (LCC). The new version of the site is located on the NCTE connected community. Content from the original site can be accessed here.

Also, Dr. Krista Morrison (formerly McDaniel) our director of professional development, was interviewed by Nancy Shanklin, director of the LCC at the time, about building relationships between principals and coaches. At the time, Dr. Morrison was a […]

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Part 2 – The Classroom Library — If You Build It, They Will Come

Part II of The Independent Reading Series
The Classroom Library — If You Build It, They Will Come

Recently, flipping through the TV channels, I came across the movie Field of Dreams. Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) listened to the voices in his head and built a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield. And the players came. In this same vein, I’d like to become the voice in your head: If you build it they will come.

I’m referring to a […]

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Collaboration and Environment: The Importance of Productive Struggle, Part 2

Last week we wrestled with our own discomfort in allowing students to struggle with complex texts and difficult tasks and concepts. There is a fine line between providing support without rescuing. This week we will look closer at what that “support without rescue” looks like.

In the Inquiry By Design curriculum, teachers will notice that student collaboration is the main component of support when students are struggling to comprehend a text. When working together, students act as models for each other. […]

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Struggle is Not a Dirty Word: The Importance of Productive Struggle, part 1

By Krista Morrison and Kristi Hemingway

Teachers and administrators often report that the most valuable part of the Inquiry By Design professional development cycle is peer learning labs. Teachers have the opportunity to observe a colleague’s classroom as a lesson from the curriculum is being implemented with students. The goal is not to observe a “model” lesson or “perfect” classroom, but rather to gather data and provide a basis for conversations about teaching and learning.

At a recent lab, middle school students […]

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Writing and Working Out

I started doing both at the same time. I was working with a colleague and friend from a nearby university on an article submission. I hadn’t written much (at least of any length) since the completion of my dissertation. I was worn out. Tired. Done.

Then, an opportunity to collaborate with a friend came along and I couldn’t pass it up—either professionally or personally. It was time to write. The topic was based on my dissertation, making it distinctively difficult to […]

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