Hosting an IBD Institute

IBD invites districts and regional education centers to host our Professional Development Institutes for up to 40 teachers at a time. Hosting means that you, the “Partner” agree to have educators from surrounding districts attend the Institute in addition to those from your own district. Only our introductory offerings are available as hosted Institutes.

Choose from these subjects:

  • Close Reading of Literary Nonfiction:
    Helping students develop persistance and tenacity in working with difficult texts
  • No More Red Ink:
    The Error Journal as an inquiry-based approach to grammar instruction
  • Writing Text-Based Arguments:
    Innovative instruction for the Common Core

What IBD Provides:

  • A one-day Professional Development Institute, 8am to 3pm
  • IBD curriculum plus relevant handouts
  • Three complimentary spots
  • The outreach and invitations to attend (Email and web site announcements)
  • Lunch for all participants (usually Deli; sometimes we’ll contract with your Culinary Arts program, if available)
  • Registration and payment processing
  • Evaluation forms
  • Follow-up suggestions for your team

What you, the Partner, provides:

  • The workshop space (with a room capacity of 40, wireless access, projection screen)
  • A minimum of 20 paying participants at $199 each
  • Morning coffee/tea/snacks/water

IBD needs a minimum of two month’s lead–time to schedule hosted Institutes. Please call Amanda Lake to discuss all of our professional development options, at (800) 910‐6388, ext. 1

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