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Inquiry by Design partners with schools and school districts across the country to provide smart, engaging, and rigorous curriculum materials along with dynamic, highly relevant professional development. Our offerings are based on the proven premise: the best learning happens in directed collaboration.

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What’s New

man-on-snailInquiry by Design offers a variety of workshops throughout the year. Coming up soon is a new half-day workshop highlighting the importance of teaching as apprenticeship in meeting CCSS and TEKS reading and writing requirements.


We partner with individual schools and school districts across the country to provide smart, engaging, and rigorous curriculum designed to meet the language arts requirements demanded by CCSS and TEKS. Our materials provide students opportunities to

  • Read, write about, and discuss interesting and engaging literary and informational texts.
  • Write in a range of genres including narrative and expository, with a strong focus on developing text-based explanations and arguments.
  • Get smarter about the real reading, writing, and discussion work that distinguishes the best language arts classrooms.
I am so impressed with Inquiry by Design. Thank you for the dialogue around analyzing text complexity and the thought provoking approach to teaching literacy under the Common Core State Standards.
Raili NeibauerInstructional CoachThomson School District (CO)

Professional Development

Our professional development offerings—which range from topical workshops to intensive, customized sessions for schools and school districts looking to improve language arts instruction—are designed to help school leaders and teachers raise levels of reading, writing, and discussion in their classrooms. Participants leave with a better understanding of how to help students meet CCSS and TEKS requirements and a vision for what an effective classroom should look and feel like.

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