Inquiry By Design and TEKS

A Texas-based company, founded by a former Texas English teacher and educator, Inquiry By Design provides a unique, inquiry-based literacy curriculum that engages students, ratchets up rigor, and aligns to the seven strands of the new and revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Inquiry By Design’s grade 3-12 curriculum focuses on

  • Building foundational language skills for listening, speaking, and discussing through challenging, grade appropriate spiraling cycles of work marked by ongoing collaborative small-group and whole-class discussions.

  • Building comprehension and response skills through multi-text studies of increasing complexity that invite students to participate in deep reflection and conversation in preparation for significant writing projects.

  • An exploration and analysis of the author’s craft across multiple genres of literature and nonfiction, many culminating in “write like” opportunities for both structure and style.

  • A sustained focus on developing both fluency and form (argumentative, narrative, informational) through multiple writing opportunities combined with a unique, student-oriented, research-based approach to language conventions.

  • Short-term and sustained inquiry and research into texts and topics combined with significant writing projects and ongoing opportunities for feedback and collaboration.