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Inquiry By Design is committed to student-driven literacy marked by the reading, writing about, and discussion of content-rich, culturally relevant, complex texts. We firmly believe that all students deserve equitable access to a rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum. Inquiry By Design’s unique, inquiry-based curriculum is seamlessly integrated with transformative professional development—a pairing we believe is key to reigniting teacher passion, engaging students, changing classroom culture, and raising expectations. The end result is a vibrant, student-centered learning environment supported by a collaborative community of educators.

Courses and Units

Inquiry By Design’s courses are built on sequenced, yet independent units, designed to continually reinforce the integral relationship between reading and writing—a distinguishing feature of our work. Key concepts and skills are revisited within units, within grades, and across grades in developmentally appropriate ways and with increasingly more difficult and complex texts and tasks.

Within each standards-aligned unit, scaffolded and sequenced tasks stress collaboration in small- and large-group encounters that build upon one another, allowing students of all abilities to successfully work through difficult reading and challenging writing tasks. This peer-supported, inquiry-based approach provides many students with their first true sense of accomplishment in reading and writing. Courses at each grade level are supported by curriculum-embedded tools to help teachers identify areas for growth in order to ensure individual student success.

… the most exciting initiative we’ve undertaken in years. Our teachers are energized, and our students are writing and talking in ways we’ve only rarely seen in the past.
Lisa ThibodeauxExec. Director for Secondary Academic ServicesPlano ISD (TX)

Professional Development

Inquiry By Design’s unique, hands-on approach to professional development establishes and supports the foundations, possibilities, and power of inquiry-based ELA instruction. Our professional development cycle is based on an apprenticeship model that guides and supports teachers through the pedagogical shifts required by true inquiry-based work. At the same time, our team focuses on creating a collaborative teaching community to ensure that best practices become part of school culture. The end result is an experience that reignites teacher passion, increases student engagement, and raises the rigor of the classroom.

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