TOP FIVE: Education Blogs

By March 15, 2017 January 24th, 2018 No Comments

Who do we follow? Here are our favorite education-related blogs. Great stuff!

1. Shanahan on Literacy.
Focused solely on literacy, Shanahan’s blog emphasizes research (including his own) related to reading-writing relationships, reading assessment, and improving reading achievement. It is a rare day when we aren’t challenged and enlightened by his posts.

2. Chalkbeat.
This a great source for broader education-related news from around the country.

3. Mindshift.
Focusing on slightly edgier, more fringe topics within the educational technology field, MindShift opens our eyes to totally new ideas.

4. Edutopia.
Hosted by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia has plenty of well-indexed information on how technology can be used in classrooms.

5. NEPC Blog Post of the Day.
This daily blog from the National Education Policy Center pulls popular, compelling recent posts from various education blogs. Topics include curriculum, policies, technology, unions, and evaluations.

Who do you follow? Do you have an education/literacy-related blog? Leave a link to your favorite blog to win a complimentary seat at one of our spring workshops!