Stop Teaching to the Test!

By February 23, 2016 January 24th, 2018 No Comments

Last week we ended our post with an encouragement for teachers to stop teaching to the test. We realize this is a frightening proposal to teachers and administrators whose evaluations and even paychecks are reliant on test scores. That’s why we want to continue the case this week with Kelly Gallagher’s 201 Education Week commentary, Why I Will Not Teach to the Test wherein he addresses this riddle:

“…while many states have raised their test scores over the past few years, we as a country continue to fall in international comparisons of academic achievement. How can this be? If we are getting “better,” why are we declining internationally?”

We couldn’t say it any better than Kelly so this week we’re just sending you to his short but thought provoking comments.

Click back in next week for Part 3 of The Impact of High Stakes Tests on Instruction, when we will continue to discuss international comparisons, PISA scores and how high-stakes testing factors into it all.