“A Real Live Teacher Describes Her Students Reactions to Inquiry By Design”

We spend a lot of time here at Inquiry By Design reassuring teachers that their students really can handle the challenge of the texts and tasks in our inquiry-based curriculum. When we tell teachers that their struggling learners will probably surprise them the most with what they produce, we often encounter unveiled skepticism. Of course, we’re saying what we’re supposed to say because we work here—right?

So we were thrilled when this YouTube video posted of a teacher from North Clackamas School District in Oregon sharing her own experience with the Inquiry By Design units. We’d love for you to spend three and half minutes listening to her describe how her students—especially her struggling students—have responded to inquiry-based work.

For the record, this is an unscripted and unedited video. The teacher featured was asked to share her thoughts with her colleagues as one of the teachers in her district piloting the Inquiry By Design curriculum. Her administrator at North Clackamas forwarded her message on to us thinking it might brighten our day. And it did!

*This video was posted with permission.