Reading and Writing About Informational Texts Microcourses


This two-unit microcourse introduces students to the close reading of complex informational texts by guiding them through cycles of comprehension and analysis work marked by reading, writing, and collaborative discussion. Using engaging, grade-appropriate readings in social studies (Unit 1) and science (Unit 2), students learn to determine and analyze the development of central ideas and arguments in informational texts. Each unit culminates in performance tasks in which students compose explanatory essays.

Grade 3 Unit 1 Unearthing Pompeii (Social Studies)
Unit 2 Animal Communication (Science)
Grade 4 Unit 1 Push and Pull of Immigration (Social Studies)
Unit 2 Analyzing Main Ideas (Science)
Grade 5 Unit 1 Pioneers (Social Studies)
Unit 2 Analyzing Main Ideas: Tuberculosis (Science)

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