Professional Development

Inquiry By Design offers a full cycle of professional development to support teachers and administrators to successfully implement our inquiry-based curriculum. Typically, this work begins by having teachers work primarily as learners in a curriculum institute—reading, writing, and discussing complex texts just as their students will. Through this experience, teachers learn how an inquiry-based approach to teaching enables rigorous academic work in English language arts classrooms. Our cycle of professional development extends throughout the year to support successful implementation and constructive collaboration in a way that ensures best teaching practices flourish and remain part of the school culture. While schools can choose just one professional development offering to meet specific teaching challenges, our recommended cycle includes:

Inquiry by Design

  • Curriculum institutes to set the stage for implementing Inquiry By Design units and to familiarize teachers and administrators with an inquiry-based teaching approach.
  • In-school and in-classroom coaching, observation, and co-teaching experiences.
  • Peer learning labs, which incorporate classroom observations and structured debriefings.
  • Student work study where teachers study and analyze student writing in order to identify best next steps for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction.
  • Identification and development of teacher leaders to serve as ongoing advisors and mentors.