Leadership Support

School and district leaders are crucial to improving teacher practice and student achievement. To support them in their role as instructional leaders, we offer workshops designed to help instructional leaders understand and successfully execute the implementation of Inquiry By Design curriculum materials.

man-on-snailIn some workshop segments, administrators participate in activities as learners—reading, writing, and discussing complex texts just as students would. The “working as learners” experience gives administrators a unique understanding of the curriculum design and its benefits. We also spend considerable time helping administrators consider what they should see and hear in classrooms where students are engaged in real, standards-based academic work.

Our full continuum of leadership support consists of three sessions. We can modify and customize according to your school needs and budget.

Session One
One day; up to 40 participants.

Administrators are introduced to the Inquiry By Design curriculum planned for implementation in the coming year. They learn the scope of the project and engage as learners in the type of inquiry work they should expect to see in their classrooms. Administrators develop “look fors” based on the learning experience. They are then introduced to a tool that they can use when visiting classrooms as instructional leaders.

Session Two
Two half-day sessions—one in the morning and one in the afternoon); 15 to 20 participants per session.

In these smaller sessions, administrators learn more about inquiry-based ELA instruction by studying research and viewing video of classroom instruction to learn how to describe and name the instructional moves that support student learning. They identify the tenets of inquiry-based instruction and learn how to describe what they see in classrooms in order to provide specific and descriptive feedback to teachers.

Session Three
Two half-day sessions—one in morning and one in afternoon; up to 10 participants per session.

In these learning lab sessions, administrators visit a teacher’s classroom and observe a full Inquiry By Design lesson. These experiences are anchored by shared observations of inquiry-based teaching and learning. Specifically aimed at deepening educators’ understandings of what constitutes standards aligned, inquiry-based instruction, these observations help leaders develop a shared vocabulary for describing high quality instruction in order to arrive at a common, system-wide vision of English language arts instruction.