No Fake Work

True comprehension and understanding requires real work. Not “manufactured” text generated purely for test preparation. Not the endless “comprehension questions” and activity sheets used to assess surface understanding.

Inquiry by DesignWhen presented with relevant, engaging, and challenging texts and guided through carefully sequenced cycles of collaboration and writing, students learn, thrive, and grow.

Our students delve deeply into texts and reread for multiple purposes, all with an eye on deeper understanding—of the text message, the author’s intent, and method and structure. In some units, students also conduct their own “write like” projects modeling a particular author’s work and conduct their own inquiries into specific areas through research, experience, and interviews. In addition to deepening understanding, the close reading combined with “write like” and “write about” projects, also builds student diligence and confidence.

Our school partners see test scores improve. But they also see other changes. Students carrying and sharing books. Writing journals filling with words. Teachers facilitating, not telling.

We’d welcome a conversation to further discuss our philosophy and design principles and how they can work in your schools.