Inquiry By Design and TEKS

Rigor, research, reading, and writing.

tea-sealA Texas-based company, founded by a former Texas English teacher and educator, Inquiry By Design provides instructional materials, packaged in short “microcourses” that engage students, ratchet up rigor, and align to key TEKS.

Microcourses can function independently, as supplemental materials that allow teachers to convene and collaborate around common texts and tasks pitched at specific TEKS, or they can be “clicked together” to form core curriculum language arts courses at grade levels 3-12.

Inquiry By Design partners with districts and schools to provide integrated curriculum and staff development projects that are specifically designed to help teachers and students get smarter about critical concepts and skills, including

  • Reading/Comprehension skills, including making complex inferences, asking questions, establishing purposes for reading, summarizing and synthesizing, and conducting intertextual, evidence-based analyses that trace and compare ideas across texts. (See Figure 19 of TEKS.)
  • Reading informational/persuasive texts “below the surface.”
  • Synthesizing and connecting ideas across texts.
  • Unlocking the “mysteries” of poetry through rigorous studies that focus on big ideas and both classic and contemporary poets.
  • Writing in essential genres, including research-based reports, expository texts, responses to literature, evidence-based argument, literary nonfiction, and, at high school, analytic essays about literature (with preparatory analysis work at upper elementary and middle school).
  • Writing process, including specific attention to revision, sentence study, and editing.