Inquiry By Design and CCSS


The key shifts called for by the Common Core State Standards to extend existing standards for English Language Arts to ensure students have the skills and knowledge needed for college and career readiness include

  • Focus on increasing text complexity—the central component of CCSS.
  • Increased exposure and work with informational texts and literary nonfiction.
  • Emphasis on writing text-based arguments based in both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Importance of close reading in both literature and literary nonfiction.
  • Extended work across multiple texts.
  • Building knowledge through content-rich texts.
  • Emphasis on speaking and listening, and, in particular, effective participation in collaborative, text-based, small- and large-group discussions.

Inquiry-By-Design-Product-06Inquiry By Design partners with schools to meet the challenges of implementing CCSS through a combination of professional development and smart, engaging curriculum. Specifically designed to address, head-on, the biggest challenges of CCSS facing schools, Inquiry By Design microcourses function independently, as supplemental materials that allow teachers to convene and collaborate around common texts and tasks pitched at specific standards, or they can be “clicked together” to form core curriculum language arts courses at grade levels 3-12.

With engaging, rigorous materials that emphasize text-based writing; work with complex, difficult texts (including literary fiction, literary nonfiction, and informational texts); work across multiple texts; and reading and writing across three writing styles—argument, informational, and narrative—Inquiry By Design is helping schools successfully meet CCSS, while at the same time, increasing rigor and student engagement across the ELA curriculum.