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Close Reading in the Primary Grades

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We’re often asked how the increased text complexity and close reading strategies from Common Core impact primary students. While Inquiry By Design doesn’t currently provide curriculum or professional development below the third grade (although developing K-2 is certainly in our plan), there are some great organizations and projects providing resources and information for our youngest students.

This Education Week article by Catherine Gewertz, “New Read Aloud Strategies to Transform Story Time,” focuses on how some of the very same close reading strategies used in the upper grades (re-reading, retellings, charting, chunking, and tracking characters and events) can be adapted for primary students. A short video in this same link takes you right into the kindergarten classroom of teacher Jamie Landahl as she leads her students through a series of read-aloud activities created by the The Read Aloud Project.

The Read Aloud Project (RAP) is a public school reform effort that is inquiry based and teacher driven. It started with 20 classroom teachers and has grown to hundreds of classrooms throughout the country. Teachers share text recommendations and standards-aligned lesson plans across grade levels and content areas.