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Mindfulness and Interpretive Discussions

by John Nolan

Last year, in considering classroom environment, I dug deeper into the concept of respect and the culture of restorative justice. Fortunately, I had a very helpful coach who had a lot of experience in building a greater culture of mindfulness and respect through practices related to restorative justice.

She explained that all humans have a need to be heard and respected. I agreed but knew that making it actually happen was quite challenging. She introduced me to the “restorative […]

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Classroom Environment Part 4: No “Right” Answer

When Inquiry By Design works with schools and districts for the first time, we take teachers through a series of “as learner” curriculum institutes where they work through the texts and materials as their students will in the classroom. We find it to be not only the most effective, but also the most enjoyable way, for teachers to gain a solid understanding of the content and instructional moves.

Teachers experience close reading strategies with rich, complex texts. They cycle through several […]

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Inquiry Based Learning – A Classroom Story

I know that you were expecting Part 2 of the Classroom Environment series. Apologies. That will post on July 5, but today I want to tell a story.

For many years, I, like most teachers, conducted my instruction based on what was modeled for me. Based on my experience, my understanding of my role as a teacher of literature was to teach and interpret texts for my students, to unpack literary devices, to explain authors’ techniques, and to generally give the […]

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An Administrator’s Experience Piloting Inquiry By Design

When teachers, administrators and district leaders first encounter Inquiry By Design through a colleague, a workshop, or online, they often want to know what our district partners and regular clients have to say about their experience. Occasionally on our blog we like to share feedback we receive.

Michael McDonald is an assistant principal at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon. He is a former ELA teacher and has supported and supervised the ELA department over the past year to pilot Inquiry […]

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Reality YouTube*

“A Real Live Teacher Describes Her Students Reactions to Inquiry By Design”

We spend a lot of time here at Inquiry By Design reassuring teachers that their students really can handle the challenge of the texts and tasks in our inquiry-based curriculum. When we tell teachers that their struggling learners will probably surprise them the most with what they produce, we often encounter unveiled skepticism. Of course, we’re saying what we’re supposed to say because we work here—right?

So we were thrilled […]

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