About Us

In the new world of the Common Core, Inquiry By Design’s work in English language arts and literacy stands out. Inquiry by Design offers a fresh, smart, and serious alternative to the old guard group of programs and professional development.
Ray PecheoneExecutive DirectorStanford Center for Assessment Learning and Equity

Inquiry By Design is committed to student-centered literacy and language learning marked by the reading, writing about, and discussion of content-rich, complex texts. We firmly believe that all students deserve—and even crave—real, meaningful, and relevant work. Hence, our motto: No fake work.

Our curriculum is based on this premise and designed as an alternative to traditional textbooks and worksheet-based activities so prevalent in classrooms. We contend that collaboration is the energy behind serious and sustainable learning. To help teachers—and their leaders—move toward collaborative classroom environments, we also offer professional development to support our unique inquiry-based curriculum design.

We are passionate about the importance of real learning and the critical role teachers play in that process. At the same time, we understand the increasing challenges schools face today. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can help bring positive learning change to your schools.