Listen Up: 5 Great Podcasts for Educators

By October 10, 2017 January 24th, 2018 No Comments

Warning: Great podcasts are addictive! Here are a few of our favorite episodes that have us thinking about how to be world-changing educators.

(From the Therapy and Learning Services podcast)
This podcast is super valuable for classroom teachers, especially those who work with kids with learning disabilities. In this episode, host Jennifer Hatfield, discusses how improving reading comprehension skills can drastically improve overall school performance and shares an easy tool to do just that.
(From the Hidden Brain podcast)
Many people have experienced the magic of a wonderful teacher, and we all know anecdotally that these instructors can change our lives. But what if a teacher and a student don’t connect? How does that affect the education that child receives? Is there a way to create a connection where there isn’t one? And how might that change things, for teachers and students alike?

(From the Every Classroom Matters podcast)
Inquiry By Design’s professional development practices have the added benefit of supporting a more collaborative and team-centered culture within schools and districts. We know that this trickles down into better practices with students.

(From the Freakonomics podcast)
Psychologist Angela Duckworth argues that a person’s level of stick-to-itiveness is directly related to his or her level of success. No big surprise there. But grit, she says, isn’t something you’re born with—it can be learned.

(From the Inspiring Educators podcast)
Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson—a prolific researcher, writer, and speaker on the topic of modern brain science—provides a unique perspective on the evolution of the modern educational system and its impact at an individual and societal level.