Month: November 2016

You Can Hand Them A Book, But You Can’t Make Them Read

Conversations about literacy are often abuzz with buzzwords: text complexity, close reading, leveled texts, lexiles…

But none of these topics have much import if students aren’t even attempting to read assigned texts—and many of them aren’t.

However, there is a much better chance of a student reading an assigned text if that student has developed an authentic reading life outside of Macbeth or To Kill a Mockingbird. This is why Inquiry By Design’s curriculum is built on a foundational course of study […]

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Mindfulness and Interpretive Discussions

by John Nolan

Last year, in considering classroom environment, I dug deeper into the concept of respect and the culture of restorative justice. Fortunately, I had a very helpful coach who had a lot of experience in building a greater culture of mindfulness and respect through practices related to restorative justice.

She explained that all humans have a need to be heard and respected. I agreed but knew that making it actually happen was quite challenging. She introduced me to the “restorative […]

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