Month: September 2016

Of Text Complexity, Expectations, and Rodents

“Do you believe that the private thoughts that you have in your head can influence how a rat moves through space?”

This is the question that the Invisibilia podcast hosts (Lulu Miller, Alix Spiegel & Hanna Rosin) posit at the beginning of their episode, How to Become Batman: Part 1. Give it a listen. Rats aside, their findings offer a lot for educators to chew on.

To reword their question just slightly, “Do we believe that the private thoughts that we have […]

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Classroom Environment Part 4: No “Right” Answer

When Inquiry By Design works with schools and districts for the first time, we take teachers through a series of “as learner” curriculum institutes where they work through the texts and materials as their students will in the classroom. We find it to be not only the most effective, but also the most enjoyable way, for teachers to gain a solid understanding of the content and instructional moves.

Teachers experience close reading strategies with rich, complex texts. They cycle through several […]

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