Month: June 2016

Inquiry Based Learning – A Classroom Story

I know that you were expecting Part 2 of the Classroom Environment series. Apologies. That will post on July 5, but today I want to tell a story.

For many years, I, like most teachers, conducted my instruction based on what was modeled for me. Based on my experience, my understanding of my role as a teacher of literature was to teach and interpret texts for my students, to unpack literary devices, to explain authors’ techniques, and to generally give the […]

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Classroom Environment – Part 1

A few weeks ago, in our Teachers Are Like Gardeners post, I mentioned that at Inquiry By Design we believe the classroom culture that gives students the best chance of germinating, sprouting, and thriving is built around the three concepts of apprenticeship, conversation, and environment.

Let’s unpack this working backwards and starting with environment. Classroom environment can be a slippery and unwieldy concept that includes philosophical, intellectual, social, and physical elements. What do we really mean by this broad, umbrella word?

Ideally […]

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