Month: October 2015

Improving Our Practice: A Case for Coaching (Part 2)

Last week, I visited a district with whom Inquiry By Design has been working for about three years. I was facilitating a series of peer learning labs (link to previous post). We were a group of about ten teachers and district leaders. Our morning teacher host introduced herself and summarized for the group what we would be seeing in her classroom that day. She provided a little background on how things have changed since first beginning implementation of the Inquiry […]

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Improving Our Practice: A Case For Coaching (Part 1)

A few months ago I was reading Steven Reinhart’s article, Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say (which I quoted multiple times in the series on classroom discussions), when I was particularly struck by these two sentences:

Making a commitment to change 10 percent of my teaching each year, I began to collect and use materials and ideas gathered from supplements, workshops, professional journals, and university classes. Each year, my goal was simply to teach a single topic in […]

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