Working With You

Our intention is to build your capacity to support college readiness work.  We are flexible, smart facilitators who understand the challenging work you do every day. We don't peddle scripted programs,and we don't do feel good PD that leaves practice unchanged. Our work with you will lead to better teaching, smarter students, and improved scores.

Our work begins with conversations with you to learn what materials you are currently using, how you prepare and support teachers, and the impact you are seeing on student learning.

We answer your questions, and can visit with and make presentations to staff to ensure a common understanding of what IBD is and how it can benefit teachers and students.

Together we determine the ideal size of an initial commitment —teachers, schools and budget—and partner with you to create a proposal for delivering curriculum materials, professional development, and project evaluations based on those parameters.

We prefer to introduce teachers and districts to our work through small pilot projects focused on a few units. From there, over a period of two to three years, we partner with clients to implement supplementary or full courses of study at each grade level.

Whether volunteering for pilots or using full courses, teachers participate in interactive Curriculum Institutes, experience on-site coaching, and explore implementation strategies through Peer Learning Labs.




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