Professional Development

The evidence is clear that one-shot professional development doesn’t work. To ensure the best possible outcome from the use of IBD materials, we provide professional development in these requisite four formats for schools and districts using our materials:

Curriculum Institutes: These sessions are designed to help teachers prepare for teaching IBD materials. Teachers experience the majority of each institute as learners—reading, writing, and discussing texts just as their students will. Read more...

On-Site Coaching: Once teachers have spent some time implementing units of study, IBD professional developers work with them in their classrooms—observing, coaching, and planning. During this time, teachers develop an essential pedagogical framework for engaging students in inquiry-based work.

Peer Learning Labs: Teachers come together to observe and discuss lessons implemented by their peers as they inquire more deeply into the nuances of classroom practice and peer collaboration.

Administrator Support: Principals learn to use the IBD walkthrough protocol and how to promote inquiry-based learning based on their observations.


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