Professional Development

We offer a full cycle of professional development to support teachers in the implementation of an Inquiry By Design microcourse.

For Teachers

Typically, teachers begin by working primarily as learners in a curriculum institute—reading, writing, and discussing complex texts just as their students will. Throughout this experience, teachers learn how an inquiry-based approach to teaching enables rigorous academic work in English language arts classrooms.Inquiry By Design offers a unique cycle of professional development that supports the implementation of curriculum and instruction throughout the school year, rather than the “one-and-done” professional development offerings typically offered.While schools can choose just one professional development offering from this cycle to meet specific teaching challenges, our recommended professional development follows this continuum: Inquiry by Design
  • Curriculum institute to set the stage for implementing an Inquiry By Design microcourse and to familiarize teachers and administrators with an inquiry-based teaching approach.
  • In-school and in-classroom coaching, observations, and co-teaching experiences.
  • Peer learning labs, which incorporate classroom observations and structured debriefings.
  • Student work study, during which teachers study and analyze students’ writing to describe students’ writing moves and identify trends on which they can base follow-up instruction.

For Administrators

School and district leaders are crucial to improving teacher practice and student achievement. To support them in their role as instructional leaders, we offer professional development targeted specifically to administrators, language arts coordinators, and instructional coaches to help ensure the successful implementation of Inquiry By Design curriculum. In these sessions, participants spend time working as learners in order to understand the curriculum from the inside out. We also discuss in detail what administrators should see and hear in classrooms where students are engaged in real, standards-based academic work.