Microcourse Samples

Take a peek! Look through sample teacher guides for a few of our units to appreciate our unique, inquiry-based approach to close reading and writing across texts and grade levels. You’ll find table of contents, sample sessions (including focus lessons, work periods, and closing meetings), sample assignments, agendas, and standards alignment for CCSS or TEKS.

CCSS Microcourse Samples

Unearthing Pompeii-flipcook-cover-frontGrade 3 Close Reading of Informational TextsThemes-in-Literature-G5-flipbook-coverGrade 5 Close Reading of LiteratureTexting and Language Change-G7-flipbook-coverGrade 7 Close Reading of Informational and Literary Nonfiction TextsInvestigative Report Writing-G7-flipbook-coverGrade 7 Close Reading Nonfiction Like a Detective
Dealing With Difficulty-G9-flipbook-cover-Grade 9 Close Reading of Informational and Literary Nonfiction TextsFoundations-for-Inquiry-G10-flipbook-coverGrade 10 Close Reading of LiteratureSpreading-Innovations-G11-flipbook-coverGrade 11 Reading and Writing Reports of InformationShakespeare-at-the-Movies-G12-front-coverGrade 12 Close Reading of Literature

TEKS Microcourse Samples

Introduction to the Writing Life—Grade 6Grade 6 Introduction to the Writing LifeIntroduction to Interpretive Work—Grade 7Grade 7 Introduction to Interpretive WorkReading as Problem Solving, Grade 7Grade 7 Reading as Problem SolvingPoems as Puzzles: A Pair of Poets Study—Grade 8Grade 8 Poems as Puzzles: A Pair of Poets Study
Borderlands: Theories and Stories—Grade 9Grade 9 Borderlands: Theories and StoriesReading Intelligence, Grade 9Grade 9 Reading IntelligenceLanguage Matters: Essays and Arguments—Grade 10Grade 10 Language Matters: Essays and ArgumentsDealing With Difficulty—Grade 10Grade 10 Dealing With Difficulty