Some of our biggest gains from using Inquiry By Design curriculum have come in our most diverse schools, where we’ve seen huge leaps in reading improvement… Students are writing much more—some even tripling their writing output.
Eric SimpsonSecondary Literacy and Language Arts SupervisorLewisville Independent School District (TX)
Our microcourses are a practical and proven alternative to the drudgery of textbooks and worksheets and the excess of many “comprehensive programs.”Short arcs of close work with complex texts, microcourses can be used individually to supplement and strengthen existing curriculum. Or, they can be linked together to create an entire year’s worth of study.  All microcourses are tightly aligned to the CCSS and TEKS for English language arts.

All microcourses are accompanied by detailed teacher guides and include a range of grade-appropriate activities to support

  • Close reading of complex informational and literary texts.
  • Writing in a range of genres including narrative, expository, and text-based explanations and arguments.
  • Reading and writing across multiple complex texts.
  • Small- and whole-group, text-based discussions.

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