Month: September 2015

Q & A on Independent Reading

In keeping with our independent reading series, we asked teachers from the districts where we work to share some of their ideas and responses to a few of the most asked questions about independent reading. Here’s what they said!

What are some ways you’ve found to inspire and motivate reluctant readers?

• iPads: Storia
• Raz-Kids
• Letting go of my “issues”—i.e. if Captain Underpants is what motivates them, so be it.
• Summer challenge rewards
• Let them read “easy” books, below their level, to […]

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Mind-LESS or Mind-FUL?

Hi Readers!

We are taking a short break from our independent reading series for a short meditation on mindfulness, since we all tend to feel a little crazy this time of year. Stay tuned for – Part 5: Independent Reading—The Foundation of Vocabulary Instruction from Dr. Krista Morrison.

by Dr. Yvette Nishikawa

With much more controversial matters of late hurtle-jumping to mainstream acceptance (equal marriage rights, the national healthcare initiative, and removal of the Confederate flag from government buildings) you might think the […]

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